Just imagine, having a website that’ll showcase your brand and attract your audience.

I know the hard work that goes into creating your own business. That is why I’m passionate about working with start-ups and small business owners to create a beautiful website that meet your business' dreams and goals.

You know that, especially now, it’s a MUST for businesses to have an online presence. I am here to help your business grow, educate, hook and serve your audience.
I specialise in WordPress websites that are simple, affordable, professional and unique to your business.

My process is designed to create a website that speaks to your audience.

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In a 30 minutes (complimentary) zoom call I gain a solid understanding of your business goals and  target audience.
Meeting you will allow me to identify your style, what you like (and dislike) and give me a good idea of your overall dreams!

For the first few days we liaise to finalise the design and compile the content.I require you to be available (via email)  during this phase so that we can achieve the agreed-upon deadlines.

After the design has been finalised, I start with the development of the website. At this phase you can get back to what you do best.

After we tested the website and you signed off on it, we set a launch date!

If you’re ready to be seen, you can get a basic website
in as little as 4 days.

It is gratitude that makes us happy.

Just Mint was created (2019) in my creative space – my home study, where you’ll usually find me wearing jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers.

I believe that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us happy, therefore I still do a happy dance every time Just Mint gets a new client!

On a personal level, I do not have children. Yep, my time is my own! I do, however, have someone who is the center of my life. He supports, encourages and makes me laugh the loudest: my husband.
I get nervous just before a zoom call with a new client and say “um” way too much! I drink 5-6 cups of tea during the day and look forward to my glass of wine in the evening!

I have always worked hard to achieve the dream of starting my own business; one that would make a difference. Just Mint was inspired by the passion of seeing businesses succeed and helping others. I have intentionally focused on working with start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to assist them with affordable, beautiful, professional websites that will grow their business and attract their target audience.